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A Christian's Comment on Deborah's Murder

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Having gone through alot of post & comments, I want to say to some of my friends that we should all learn to mind our business and be guided of our utterances.

Late Deborah, may her soul RIP wouldn’t have be murdered if only she kept quiet or used the right words about the post sent to the WhatsApp group.

I am in about 4 different fora and also lots of Whatsapp groups in school and workplace with Muslims, yet I chose to mind my business when ever religious content, discussions and messages are sent into the groups. What I do is, I flip over and move.

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We are in a religious country where our beliefs are placed above the laws of the land “The Constitution”. As such one needs to be careful. Nigerians are so religious above Saudi Arabia and Israel.

I saw alot of people criticizing Islam, Muslims and Northern Nigeria, but this is not the issue.

Islam and Muslim are far out of what happened to Deborah.

If only she mind her business, she won’t be murdered.

I as well as others who understands Hausa language, listened to the voice clip she sent to her department Whatsapp group.

She started by saying ” God for bid, nothing will happen to us”


This means she was engaged in a verbal fight with one in the group.

She went further saying the group was created for past Q, test announcement, timetable, Exams and stuffs, not some sort of stupid things…what stupid……Allah!

Here, her female roommates were like “Kai No Deborah,No no” Aa,Aa

Meaning she crossed the line! They were like warning her not to complete the statement.

You see, in Islam, insulting Prophet Mohammed S.A.W is a taboo and a blasphemous act punishable by even DEATH.

Islam and Muslims don’t play jokes with their prophet.

Deborah maybe forgot it was Jesus whom we take His name for granted!

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Often times you hear comedians mocking and playing stupid jokes with the Church of God, the name of Jesus which is supposed Sacred all in the name of comedy and money making.

Today, Christians are so loose, without regards to specific details or exceptions!

We take things for granted and it’s really affecting the society.

The West predominantly Christians have succeeded in taking away sanity in our daily lives.

People freely talk ill of the church, people no longer believe in healing and miracles done by Men of God, comedians joke of Gay Jesus, just imagine such nonsense, we see Gay marriages, Lesbianism, Homosexuality, Bisexuals, Crossdressers, Transgenders, Government talking of Gayright, a whole powerful feared Pope talking of Gayright and LGBT, Pastors and General Superintendent talking of women leaving their hair open in the sanctuary that “The church is in the heart”

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Things have really gone so wrong. Am not saying the Muslims don’t do the aforementioned, but they do in secret, knowing it’s punishable alas we see it differently as civilization, 21st century.

You hardly see of a Muslim nation supporting these nonsense, but the West see it differently.

The Holy Bible forbids all these, yet today we are turning them upside them to suit our lifestyles.

If we tend to reverence the name of Jesus Christ who is our savior, Deborah ought to have feared talking thrash of Prophet Mohammed S.A.W but she thought it was still the like way. CAN couldn’t make any warning statement against the MD, Sterling Bank over the statement he made about Jesus.

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We later say we are tolerant, No. That’s not it, make a warning statement so to others. Hold that name sacred.

People should stop making jokes of the name of Jesus and His anointed Men.

You don’t insult Muslims because Deborah is murdered, am not justifying her death, but am tryna see things differently as the church and Christians have taken things likely.

Our children no longer fear the parents, we talk of Child Right Act, we talk of Women Right, Husbands are suffering in marriages, we talk of civilization, our youths are all mad now on the streets naked. Pastors are busy looking saying my daughter is now a big girl, my boy a big guy.

Trends, Fashion, Modeling, Styles..

TV reality show, Big Brother Naija, Prostitution, Gangsterism, Robberies, Rituals Etc.

You talk ill of Islam, but the best places to visit now are Muslims big cities and countries.

Qatar, Omar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai

They have best security, good Economy, best healthcare systems and the citizens are much ok with high promising rate of an increasing population, they are dominating the world.

They have minimal crimes, robberies, their women and ladies are well dressed and controlled by their husbands and they are happy people, a Father controlling over 30 children and 4 wives in a house with much respect giving him as the head of the house, yet you say they are enslaved.

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The Muslims hold prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him with high esteemed, holy and sacred. They also respect and can never blasphem on Annabi Isa who we referred to as Jesus Christ peace be upon him.

They don’t tolerate nonsense on this.

So if you don’t respect the name of your  saviour, who by the mentioned of His name every kneel must bow and every tongue must confess that He is Lord, then you are a Fool.

Stop attacking Islam, it’s a religion of peace, stop attacking Muslims, they are loving people.

Muslims stop saying ill of Christians, we are good people.

Stop insulting one’s religion

Be cautioned of the utterances you make

Let’s have peace in Nigeria.

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