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By Mojeed Ajibola Adeyinka

In August 2010, a Christian law student of the University of Ibadan, Seun Adegunsoye by name—a first-class student for that matter— attended a Jumu’ah Service of the University Central Mosque during the first Friday of that year’s Ramadan.

After the sermon, the prayer began as the Imam (still the Imam) said Allahu Akbar and the congregation followed the same suit. As expected, everything became silent and quiet save the voice of the Imam who would be reciting Suratul-Fatiha and other Surāh. Then, Seun began to roar at the top of her voice preaching the words of the gospel in the Mosque.

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Seun wouldn’t stop as she continued with  ‘blasphemous’ words of this effect: ” No matter the amount of congregation, you won’t enter Paradise. Allah is not God; Jesus is Lord. Accept Jesus as your Personal Lord and Saviour….”

Of course, everyone in the Mosque was confused and at the tether’s end of their wit for this had never happened before then. It was outrageous and unprecedented. Nay, it was sacrilegious.

After the prayer, the Muslim Youths had besieged the female quarter where Seun was. They had huffed and puffed to mortally wound her till she eventually land in the hospital or lay in her grave. The Muslim elders in the Mosque had envisaged what might really happen. So, they rushed out to protect the lady and quench the protest.

The case later got to the hearing of erstwhile Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bamiro. The VC invited the parents of the lady with a four-man committee from the Central Mosque. After considering the circumstances around the incident that the VC himself described as ‘surprising and unfortunate’, Prof. Bamiro resolved to suspend the student. But, the Muslim elders and leaders there took to the tenant of Islam and the teaching of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by being considerate and clement. They begged on her behalf and ensured she stayed and started her exams because the examination actually was to commence in the Faculty of Law around that time.

Honourable Reader, a sequel to my first piece about the slay of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto by bloodthirsty ignorant Muslim Youths, I still maintain my stance: let there be mutual respect, love and tolerance for our individual’s religion, belief and ideology. You can only control your actions, you can’t control people’s reactions — in anyways.


What Seun did in UI and she escaped, Deborah allegedly reported to do something slightly similar but she didn’t live to tell the story. They metaphorically paid the same price but got a different prize. Grotesque!

It’s not only Law that is an Ass, as Learned fellows would say; reactions of adherents of different religions to blasphemy and sacrilege against their God and gods are as stupid and unpredictable as Law per se.

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