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Khalid Bin Walid

Khalid Bin Walid was born in 592 in Mecca. He belonged to the tribe of Quraish and was the companion of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Born in the family of Quraish, he like his elders was against Muslims and detested Islam. It was his military tactic that caused Muslim a loss in the battle of Uhud. However, after the pact of Hudaibia he converted into Islam and afterwards became a true Muslim. 

Heis known for his bravery and the victories he brought to Islam and the expansion of Muslim empire. Under his command the Muslim empire spread to Mesopotamia and Syria. He is one of the greatest military leaders, history has ever witnessed. For his military geniuses and bravery he was given the title of Saifullah (the sword of Allah).

Khalid Bin Walid passed away in 642 and lays at rest in Syria.

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