Story of Mercy and Forgiveness

After the death of Khadija (RA) and Abu Talib, the two most important and strong supporters of Islam, living in Makkah became tough, Muhammad (PBUH) chose to immigrate to Taif where He considered he would pass on the message of Allah.

The Prophet (PBUH) knew exceptionally well that individuals at Taif were no different than people of Makkah. They worshiped idols and were in consistent contact with the individuals in Makkah. Yet He didn’t give up. As He went to Taif, and announced his prophet hood, individuals sneered at him and subjected criticism towards Him. To irritate the Prophet and create hurdles in His path, the people of Taif set a group of kids and drifters behind him.

They annoyed him and tossed stones at Him. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was badly injured; so much that blood was clotted at His feet. Tired and dejected, He looked for asylum in a close-by arrangement. It was a place with Atabah and Shaibab, two affluent heads of Quraish. They were both present, when Muhammad (PBUH) entered and sat under a far off tree.

When Prophet PBUH was resting there, Angel Gabriel (Jibreel (AS)), alongside the heavenly attendant of mountains came there and said “O Prophet of Allah! In the event that you request us, we will crush the people of Taif between mountains.”

Yet the kindness of Prophet was immeasurable, He said “I am sent as the Prophet of mercy, not to rebuff individuals” He further said “These individuals simply don’t know me” and “I trust that Allah will raise somebody among these individuals who will serve Islam”. Thus, He forgave the people of Taif for their inhumane attitude when He could have easily brought wrath and destruction over them with Allah’s permission.

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