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What Is Hayaa? – I Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister

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Hayaa’ (modesty and a sense of shame) is a fundamental characteristic of the noble and a sign of high standards and eemaan. Among the best of what has been said of it is that “It is a fine sensitivity and delicate feeling that is evident in the eye and that affects the features. Whoever has been forbidden from it has been forbidden from all good and whoever has been crowned with it has obtained honour and nobility and been bestowed with complete good.’ [Mawaarid Ath-Thamaan Li-Duroos Az-Zamaan – Abdul-Azeez As- Salamaan, Vol. 3 pg. 367] How could it be otherwise when the best of the creation of Allah, sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, stated: Al-Hayaa’ khairun kulluh (Hayaa’ is all good) [Muslim]?

This hayaa’ has become feeble and withdrawn. Moreover, destructive concepts and designs aimed at us from the enemies of Allah and (enemies of) the Muslim woman, eat away at its body until it has deteriorated and weakened to the point that the caller [to hayaa’] has little effect upon many Muslim women when they are called to it.

If we look at the profound state of affairs in which the Muslim woman lives and her digression behind western trends and continuous imitation of them until if they enter the lizard’s hole she would enter along with them, we see a strong testimony of the weakness of deen and hayaa’ in such a Muslim woman. This is why I have strived, asking the Highest and Able Protector for assistance and sincerity, to write a few words aimed at my Muslim sisters that I hope will affect and reverberate upon their souls.

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Culled from the Book title: I Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister…Will You Not Respond? by Nawaal Bint Abdullah

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