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Mosque member impregnated my spouse, Oyo Imam tells court

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A divorce-seeking couple, Imam Lukman Shittu, has advised a Grade A Customary Court sitting at Mapo in Ibadan, Oyo, that his spouse was allegedly impregnated by a member of the mosque the place he leads prayer within the state.

The Islamic cleric subsequently urged the court to order DNA exams on the three kids between him and his embittered spouse.

The court gave the order to unravel the thriller surrounding the paternity of the youngsters.

Shittu, who was the respondent within the swimsuit, had in his counter-argument advised the court that his spouse raised the three kids in query via her concubine.

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Immediately after making the declare, the court’s President, Mrs S.M Akintayo, ordered the duo to move to a well-established medical centre and perform DNA exams on the three kids to know whether or not Shittu was their father or not.

“The DNA tests shall be jointly funded by Shittu and Fisayo and the sealed result shall be sent directly by the medical centre to the registrar of this court,” Akintayo mentioned.

She adjourned the swimsuit till May 2 for the presentation of the DNA check and additional listening to.

In his testimony, Shittu submitted that his spouse was using a good looking automotive after she moved out from his residence in 2021.

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“Meanwhile, Fisayo had been boasting that her relative gave her the car.

“My investigation revealed that the same man, who had all along been sleeping with her, bought her the car.

“My lord, Fisayo started misbehaving when I was unable to give her money to rent a shop.

“Then, she began to return home very late and I told her that I will lock her out if she ever tried it again.

“However, Fisayo decided to pack up with the three children from my house.

“Worst still, she has changed the school of the last child without my knowledge and the other two have vowed not to recognise me as their father anymore.

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“During the last Ramadan, I invited the second one to come and stay with me, but he declined.

“The first also refused to come to my house when he had his school holiday.

“Could you believe that Fisayo’s concubine worship in the same mosque where I am the cleric?” Shittu lamented.

Earlier, the petitioner contended that her husband was irresponsible and a menace to her.

“Shittu lured me into getting a loan from a microfinance bank under the agreement that I would use it to establish my business without refunding.

“So as to facilitate his adulterous intention, Shittu threatened to stab me one day if I don’t leave his home.

“As if that was not enough, he frequently brought various types of women into our matrimonial home.

“In addition, Shittu demolished the shop which I furnished with my money in order to deny me any business opportunity.

“He called me all sorts of bad names and even rejected being responsible for the children.

“Though, relatives from both families intervened, but I just had to move out for survival,” she mentioned.

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