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Please note that “Every human is a slave or servant. You’re either a servant of your desires or a servant of ALLAH. You either live life by your rules or the rules of ALLAH. No any other choice.
Sheikh Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah said
O’ son of Aadam! Sell this World for the hereafter and you will win both, sell the hereafter for this world & you will lose both. Meaning if you stick to obedience to the CREATOR ALLAH you will benefit from this world and the hereafter but if you abandon ALLAH’S rules and follow as you wish, you looses both.

Islam is not a buffet where you pick and choose what suits you. Don’t obey your desires. Obey ALLAH.
“Imprisoned is he, whose heart is imprisoned from ALLAH. Captured is he, who is captured by his or her desires.”

Sheikh Fudayl Ibn Iyad was asked “What do you find the strangest of all things?” He said: The heart that knows ALLAH, yet still disobeys HIM. May ALLAH keep guiding us till Jannat becomes our final abode. Aameen.

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