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Develop in them the spirit of remembering Allah in all their conduct and circumstances. This can be achieved by training the child to know that Allah sees him and knows his secrets and what he harbours, and He knows the treacherous look of the eyes and whatever the breast conceal. The
educator must train the child to remember Allah in what he does and teach him to be sincere to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, in all his utterances and deeds, and teach him that Allah does not accept any deed from him, unless he does it only for His Sake. The educator also has to train the child to remember Allah when he thinks, that is, by training him to make reckoning with himself, and train him to observe Allah when he feels so, so that he may attain the rank of Ihsan (right action or
goodness) and sincerity to worship Allah as though you are seeing him, and while you do not see him, He truly sees you.

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*Some Causes of Children’s Deviation*
1. A father that may show laxity in observing that his children should not mix with evil associates, from which they acquire many of their patterns of devious and immoral behavior.
2. A father who allows his children to attend shows that offer scenes of dissolute behavior, or
that present films of violence. Such a father is actually pushing them into an abyss of perilous destruction.
3. A father who does not stop his children from buying immoral papers and magazines, or from
reading erotic books, will not stop his children from abomination and vice.
4. A father who is lenient about veiling his spouse and daughters, and is heedless of their unveiling and flirting, or their mingling with other flirting companions, such a father is helping his children to fall into vice and dishonor; and this may end up with defilement, and voiding their chastity. Then neither remorse nor tears would be of any avail. It would be necessary for a father to have a look at his children’s desks and observe their writings; for it may be that these children acquire whatever they like in the way of pornographic pictures, wanton papers, or love-letters; and here strict supervision is badly needed.

*To Parents and Educators*
With all that we have presented on the right behavior of children, with all that has been said that right behavior is an outcome of true belief, with alt of the vicious influences to which your children are subjected, with all that has been presented about the reasons for deviant character, and dissolute behavior, it seems now there is no other way, except that you adopt a resolute stand for all
religious values in the upbringing of your children. It is towards them whom you have to shoulder your responsibility for their education, teaching and care. You have to know that any negligence in
this respect, would lead them to grow impotent, dissolute, and vicious.
So be apprehensive of the warnings from Allah, and be very observant of their behavior. Such
observance will definitely help towards seeing your children flourishing before your eyes, as brilliant youths in society, as if they were angels treading on the earth, secure and serene.

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