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What spoil Fast

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*What spoil Fast:*

Fasting is spoiled by the next eight issues:

1) Sexual intercourse: If a fasting individual whose fasting is compulsory has sexual activity throughout daytime of Ramadan he has to make up for this present day and to affords atonement (i.e., he’s required to let out a slave; if unable to take action he has to quick two month consecutively. If unable to take action he has to feed sixty poor individuals.

2) Intentional ejaculation of sperm by any means; similar to masturbation, kissing or embracing.

3) Eating and consuming; both it’s helpful or dangerous similar to smoking, or clay.

4) Using injection for vitamin, for it’s just like consuming and consuming. Other injections which aren’t nutritious don’t break the quick.

5) Injection of blood: If a fasting individual suffers from hemorrhage and injected blood to get well his fasting will spoil.

6) Menstruation or Post-natal bleetling.

7) Releasing blood by cupping. Fasting doesn’t spoil if blood comes out by itself similar to bleeding by way of nasal hemorrhage or bleeding after pulling out tooth.

8) Vomiting Deliberately: Unintentional vomiting doesn’t spoil the fasting.


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