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Why I Write – Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister

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My beloved sister, the words I write are from a heart full of sorrow and pain at the sorry condition of so many Muslim women today. We see the Muslim woman who, dressed in clothing that is covering yet nakedness, comes out to display her charms and seduces the slaves of Allah with the filthiest of weapons – the weapon of enticement and allurement that she has learned of the ways and means of seduction.

For you find this seduction in the home and in the street and in speech and in movement. Seduction in clothing and beautification, in walking and sitting and in the glance. It is really a serious matter that is disgraceful and that dismembers the heart with grief when we live in a reality where so many Muslim women are divested of hayaa’. The deen and the Qur’aan are forgotten and practices and morals are disavowed…and there is no ability or power except Allah!

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Dear sister, this address is from my humble and insufficient pen and lined by my injured inner being and it is nought but a cry from one warning and cautioning you, my dear sister. They are but words which I can only hope find your ears and by which the door of your heart may be reached and they find space, an entrance and acceptance and then application.


These words emanate from a heart that has love, friendship and sincere advice for you. Advice from a sister who has been caring much for her sister who she sees is heading down the road of misguidance upon which she is practically swept away. She has been deviated and is falling into the trap and snare that was prepared for her by the Zionist and she is negligent and doesn’t know. How is it that I don’t take hold of her hand and advise her and direct her or try to open her eyes to the plots and designs around her?


My deserving sister, my words are not new, yet they are a reminder for you so that perhaps Allah would cause you to benefit by them and make them flow over your heart with coolness and tranquillity. Would that they have a great influence upon you, in shaa Allah. I appeal to you my beloved sister, to your sense of religion, your pure nature which Allah has created you upon, and your sense of modesty (hayaa’), and your fear of Allah the Highest and Able. Do you not listen at all to the call of your sincere sister who so cares for you?

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Know my dear sister, that you and I and every Muslim woman, are standing on a port among the harbours of Islam. Namely, the Muslim family and the education of the children in the manner loved and accepted by Allah. Its pillar and foundation is obedience to Allah and following His Messenger (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) and searching for what pleases Allah to acquire the priceless commodity that all of us hope for – Al- Jannah.

It is for this, my Muslim sister, that when the scheming enemies of Islam saw the position of the Muslim woman and the powerful influence she had amongst those with whom she lives as the teacher and developer of the coming generations and due to her would the upbringing be either solid or corrupted, they turned their focus on us. They focus on us, we Muslim women, to destroy our morals and take away our deen and hayaa’ toward which we were naturally disposed and which we were commanded to stick to, until the morals of our sons, the men of the future and the pillars of the Ummah, get corrupted.
They would destroy these morals which support the Ummah in its progress and understanding and (men) upon whom its honour depends after Allah. If this pillar is made defective or is destroyed and this strong nature of the Ummah is weakened, then what will become of its future? This is exactly what the enemies of Allah want.

Culled from the Book title: I Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister…Will You Not Respond? by Nawaal Bint Abdullah

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