10 Unique Qualities of Shaykh Abdul-Ghaniy Aboto


On the first day of October,2022, the news of the death of our revered sheikh Abdulganiy Aboto was announced. it was a shock that is difficult to get over quickly.

The eyes were in tears,the hearts were bleeding and the entire body was feeble. No doubt his shocking death will leave a vacuum,so difficult to fill in the realm of the muslims.
A lot has been said about his personality,more revealation are still on the way. It’s even an understatement to say that his death is a disaster to all muslims, irrespective of their affiliation. The following are the uniqueness of this late sheikh.

1. He was an haafiz; he memorised the whole Quran when there was no motivation for it. He was passionate about this. Though, it’s in the history that we have some early scholars that memorised the complete Quran in ilorin and environs, but amongst the new generation scholars, sheikh was the pivot upon which Quranic memorizers were produced. he has many products,who are now trainers of Quranic memorization.

2.He was a bold speaker; he delivers his lectures without fear or anger. This is evident in one of his lectures in the late 90s, when he rebuked the local authorities in ilorin on the Reinhard bonnke’s crusade. He was very blunt and expressly directed his message to the appropriate authority, despite his respect for them. That action had a grievous consequences, but he was strong all through the trial.

3. He was a campaigner of tawheed : he had a juggernaut lectures on polytheism and its consequences. so much that he was admired by the salafi scholars as if they were together. Many pages that attribute themselves to Sunnah,posted prayers for him,the likes of the high handed dawah link. The importance of this, can not be overemphasized, as the bedrock of Islam is taoheed, even in our contemporary world where shirk has become the order of the day,he was steadfast on abolishing shirk and the likes

4.He was full of contentment: you will never meet him in any gathering seeking for money, unlike some alfas who have taken begging as their second nature. up till his death, how many building in ilorin can we ascribe to him? I’m not sure of any, this is an height of piety. In this contemporary world, where very young alfas commit all sorts of attrocities in the name of “hitting the world big”

5. Alfa Aboto doesn’t use his lecture to settle individual difference. he will not attack any scholar simply because they have personal issue. He speaks the truth all the times, irrespective of the status of the subject. NO ESI ORO! He only face his daawah.

6. He lectures with demonstration to catch rapt attention of his audience.This is likely to be a unique attribute of his lecture,no one would want to contest.

7. He doesn’t know how to be economical with the truth. This is part of the attributes that some sufi adherent didn’t understand about him. He says things as he understands, without seeking for favour. come to think of this, have you ever seen Alfa Aboto philandering with the musicians and artists? that is to tell you how blunt he was about truth.

8. He is a strict preacher when it comes to pronounciation of Quranic verses, he will never allow his ajanasi to pronounce Quran wrongly, infact, he can sleep on it! He doesn’t joke with correct pronunciation.

9.He’s one of the scholars that doesn’t wine and dine with politicians, he doesn’t politicize his lecture. he doesn’t monetise his preaching. 

10. Vast in history as it relates to origin of adabiyya , always eager and proud to narrate it.  He’s one of the few scholars that narrates adabiyya  chronicles with references.
There are many more,
“He came,he saw and he conquered”.
Oh Allah, forgive Alfa Abdulganiy Dhu-Nurein Aboto all his sins, widen his grave and admit him to jannah.

Abdullahi musa olatunji

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